Election 2016

Possibly the most important election since 1860 is upon us, and what seems crystal clear to many, that it matters how you vote, is not at all clear to others. Four or eight more years of radical Leftist Obama policies, in the form of a Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden administration, will mean the death of the country we once were, for the Democrats will have won the race to turn us into a Third World, balkanized plantation, ruled in perpetuity by the Democrats. The Dems can only win in 2016 by fraud and the votes of the pig ignorant grievance classes, coupled with traditional low information Democrat voters who have no idea beyond tribal loyalty what they are voting for.

When I think of the things I’ve seen
Back when I was a lad
Life to my folks was grim and mean
To me was not so bad
My shining world of summer time
Lay at my sunburned feet
With seeming millions trees to climb
And skating in the street
I saw the Hindenburg fly by
And small skywriting planes
At night the lonesome whistle cry
Of passing long freight trains
I saw young neighbors join the fight
From Tarawa to Rome
Just guys who formed our nation’s might
And most of them came home
I saw the names that most now know
Ike, Churchill, FDR
El Duce, Hitler, Uncle Joe
How near and yet so far
Iron curtains then, lace curtains now
As Putin turns on charm
He smiles and takes what we allow
And say he means no harm
I saw the Dems turn genocide
Loose in the Middle East
I saw the Lefty Dems decide
To loose the Islam beast
Oh yes I miss the good old days
So good because we won
And worry as our strength decays
At the hands of The One
Who says a country founded by
White guys who all owned slaves
Deserves to linger then to die
At hand of Muslim waves
The day the Hindenburg flew past
A high skywriter wrote
Bad times will come but will not last
It matters how you vote

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