Cultural Appropriation

In Portland, Oregon two white women were forced by the crazy progressive left to stop making and selling tortillas because they weren’t Mexican. A white woman soccer player was forced by black teammates to remove the braids from her hair, accusing her of cultural appropriation. Kathy Griffin was accused by Isis of cultural appropriation for showing a picture of a decapitated head. The craziness continues. Would American Indians have demanded FDR get out of his wheel chair when speaking because he was culturally appropriating sitting bull? If these bat guano nut jobs had been around during World War 2 the paratroopers would have been forced to stop yelling “Geronimo” when they jumped out of the planes. And so on.

The fork was first invented by Italians
And writing by some ancient nameless scribes
The ark was first then pinnaces and galleons
And bread and wine by countless ancient tribes
Some forty thousand years ago in China
A woman there was buried wearing shoes
And Roman texts reveal folks with angina
Were treated with hot wine and herbal brews
Some time ago in the Dutch town of Leiden
Two alcohol filled jars gave off a spark
Thank goodness sparks that caused some eyes to widen
And we no longer spend nights in the dark
The left knows all about appropriations
They fly the skies in planes they could not build
They sit in air conditioned railway stations
And eat tortillas till they’re overfilled
And braided hair dates to the Neolithic
The lefties scream like noisome birds of prey
Believing white man’s science to be mythic
Inflated when compared to such as they
They do not realize that they’ve been given
All that they have including college grades
Deny appropriation, they’d be riven
Reduced to claiming they invented braids

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