The Mole

The search goes on for the mole in the White House or in the Intelligence services who is leaking classified documents to the press in order to undermine and destroy President Trump. The mole, of course, is the former president.

For eight long years the hidden mole
Has ruled the country as a whole
Destruction but his only goal
Each morning he would sing
I am a lonely troubadour
I have my ears at every door
And all I have I do abhor
Including this west wing
I bear allegiance to no one
I am at large my mother’s son
I see my father’s work is done
Destruction do I bring
My minions they are everywhere
In every academic chair
I call to them and they are there
To kiss the golden ring
The agencies I’ve weaponized
The military I’ve despised
Humiliation I have prized
It’s good to be the king
I run the network with my staff
The witches three and we all laugh
And gleeful write your epitaph
As to our faith we cling
There’s not much more that I can say
I’ve worked so hard here every day
To see destruction every way
As from my work may spring

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