Cultural Competence

A student at Florida Atlantic University was suspended for refusing to stomp on a piece of paper on which was written the word Jesus. Why was he instructed to stomp on a piece of paper containing the word Jesus? Because it was all part of a class called Cultural Competence, a course described as teaching students to be aware that others may be different from you, and you must respect this difference. In other words, Diversity rules, and if someone wants to stomp on Jesus that is his right, and you have no right to object. What has stomping on a piece of paper on which is written the word Jesus to do with a college education? Beats me, but that’s why kids go in hock for the rest of their lives – to get an education as valuable as this.


My competence was nearly wrecked

When some politically correct

And absurd notion knocked me to the ground

It seems the prof would have me stand

Barefoot on pictures of Ayn Rand

And later tell the class what I had found

I told them as professor smiled

That all the prejudices filed

Within the file drawers of my brain were gone

Discarded thrown out in the rain

Along with all the other sane

And antique notions men had held since dawn

Had broken on an empty world

Where wind and fine grained dust had swirled

And proto-humans not a one to see

Confess I did that I had been

Insensitive to those my kin

Who looked not like my parents nor like me

I groveled, cried and kicked my heels

And cried I know now how it feels

To be left out because my skin is white

Oppressed by every PC prof

Who never miss a chance to doff

A cap to those whose racism is right

I put my shoes back on and stood

Erect and proud as free men should

Picked up the picture of the sainted Rand

And told the prof and all his class

That they could kiss my bloomin’ ass

It’s time that sane and free men take a stand