In his recent visit to Israel, President Obama told a skeptical audience that, contrary to everything he has said and done since taking office, the United States is Israel’s best friend.  Actually, he’s right about that. The United States is Israel’s best friend, it’s just that Obama is not. His message to Israel has been characterized by some as inscrutable.  I maintain it was not at all inscrutable.


Who is more inscrutable

Charlie Chan or Fu Manchu?

It’s neither and I here maintain

It’s Mister you know who

He holds his cards close to the vest

Eye contact he won’t make

He plays his chips one at a time

Afraid that one mistake

Will lose his place in history

As loser of the West

And that is why he plays the game

The way that he knows best

To enemies he deals the cards

Our friends he bottom decks

He folds a hand of aces full

And smiles as he sees wrecks

Of policy surrounding him

And says, “Inscrutable?

Ah no, my friends in Israel

Are very screwed-able”