Deep Time

To most, the present is the only time there is. To most, ancient time is the day before their glorious birth, while for those of us with a longer view, the recent past is the 13th century BC. Deep time predates ancient time, predates the last glaciation, and predates the formation of the present continental configurations. Deep time predates the birth of the solar system and was ancient at the birth of the universe. To most, love and time are two different things, but deep time and love are intertwined. Love does not exist without time. Love is whole and entire, and, like deep time, love is infinite and cannot be divided. Deep time is where your subconscious lives when you are not paying attention.

Time is an illusion, but a rhyme
And time itself is timeless over time
Time’s measurements are made by man and king
And measurements at best a useful thing
Perception is what leads us to believe
That there is time for laughter, time to grieve
But deep inside our souls lie scattered scraps
Of truth that lead us to believe perhaps
That love is all that matters in the end
When family and long departed friend
Are waiting for you, loving arms held wide
To welcome you and gather by your side
Deep time is not a place but to us seems
To be where all our love and all our dreams
Can come together in the sanctum deep
When once again we enter into sleep

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