The Narrative And The Truth

I spoke to a lefty the other day and he said the Narrative was always true, and furthermore he was happy to explain that,

The purpose of the Narrative?
Suspend the disbelief!
All sentences declarative
And told in stark relief
To what is the reality
That faces us today
The bitter, stark totality
Of all that we dismay
The Narrative will lift us up
Feel better toward our lot
And help to pass the dismal cup
That seems, as like as not
To say that things are awful bad
And going on to worse
And so to keep from being sad
A Narrative in verse
Will raise our hearts and bring a song
Onto our thin, dry lips
And after that before too long
We see when fortune dips
That just the opposite occurred
And fortune smiles benign
As we with Narrative concurred
And that’s a darn good sign
It’s better that we just feel good
Regardless of the facts
The Narrative, as understood
Is substitute for acts
That’s why the Narrative’s my choice
And why I always choose
The Narrative to be the voice
I hear and not Fox News

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