Der Tag

Der Tag. The Day. Election 2012. In an honest election Romney would win in a walk, but Obama has a very good chance of taking Pennsylvania on the strength of likely massive voter fraud in Philadelphia, where the Black wards routinely cast many more votes than they have voters, and where the Democrat machine gets to count the votes. So while I believe Romney will win 300+ Electoral College votes, we all know Obama has a puncher’s chance, especially since there has already been widespread voter fraud in Ohio. Gallup and Rasmussen both say the national race is a dead heat. Are we to assume Romney and Obama are tied in California, New York, Massachusetts, Washington, Illinois, Delaware, Connecticut and New Jersey? I think not. Therefore Romney is ahead in all the rest and will win it all, the final tally dependent only on holding the voter fraud down to a manageable number.


In an honest election

Mitt is the selection

With fraud vote detection

And women defection

We make the connection

Without an objection

Obama’s confection

Has lost its protection

So from this direction

On sober reflection

There’s no re-election

Just big time rejection




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