The Day Before

On the day before one of the most momentous elections in our history, many pundits profess to be uncertain as to its outcome, throwing up their hands and saying nobody knows. But I wouldn’t say nobody knows how it will turn out. I know, and have been saying so for weeks. It will be an Electoral College wipeout for Romney. My only caveat was that I didn’t know if the country had reached the tipping point yet, the point where the non-productive outnumbered the productive and so voted their thin slice of government cheese. Happily, we seem not to have reached that point as yet, though it will be upon us eventually. For now though, we have been saved from going over the cliff by some last minute heroics


In looking back on the trajectory of the last four years, I realize I was right to be suspicious of the slick talking cool black man and vote for John McCain. Nonetheless, after the verdict was in, I hoped, for the sake of the country, that the new president would be what he said he was, and what his supporters believed he was. In this I was disappointed. He turned out to be simply a smoother talker than Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, and every bit as divisive. He took more pride in his basketball game than he did in his country. But Idi Amin played basketball too.


I think I thought back in oh eight

That something good might come of this

Our first black POTUS might be great

And bring a time of racial bliss

I think I thought I heard he would

Unite the country more or less

Behind him as we understood

That understanding meant success

I think I thought he wouldn’t be

Divisive and a hateful man

But soon enough we came to see

That racial bliss was not his plan

I think I thought he’d be above

The gutter creatures of his past

But when the pushing came to shove

He showed his colors true at last

I think I thought he felt he’d earned

A second shot at the brass ring

He never thought that he’d be spurned

But looked upon himself as king

I think I thought as defeat loomed

That he would lay it on real hard

And as the Romney fortunes boomed

He’d play the last ditch doomsday card

I think I thought I’d heard he’d try

The race card as a dying gasp

But honest men will damn well pry

That race card from his dying grasp

I think I thought I heard him say

Revenge is sweet , the taste is keen

And so we will election day

Reject our own Idi Amin


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