In a free society Destiny is what you make it. In an unfree society Destiny is what someone makes for you. We are perilously close to becoming a relatively unfree society, in the sense that we are no longer completely free of government interference in the lives of ordinary Americans. Culture is learned, and is difficult, if not almost impossible, to unlearn, absent a catastrophic event. The culture of the United States at the moment is antithetical to the freedoms granted us by the Founding Fathers, and I suspect the generation of twenty and thirty somethings has little concept of what it was to be completely free. Indeed, they believe they are.

 The life of man reflects eternal
Circles of the sun
A man is born to freedom or to strife
He moves through cycles of his life
His journey never done
While circling ‘round the central point of life
A thousand years of tyranny
Gives way at very last
To moderation then to freedom’s door
And tyranny is thought to be
The very distant past
Where destiny is wretched, sick and poor
As freedom follows tyranny
So tyranny returns
And man again impaled upon the horn
Of tyrant’s crown and lance and
Once again man sadly learns
That destiny lies where and when you’re born


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