The Faux Elite

Some weeks ago the leftist elites of the civilized world gathered in Davos, Switzerland for a conference on global warming. There are far greater problems in this world than the doings of the faux elites of Davos and their global warming scam. Nevertheless, they invite mockery just for being who they are and who they pretend to be. One thousand seven hundred private jets have deposited our betters in Davos, in an attempt to coordinate tactics for their favorite game, destroying Capitalism and changing the economic system of the world to one more suited to their leftist tastes. It has been said of Royalty that Royalty knows nothing and forgets nothing, and the faux royalty of Davos are no exception. Poseurs they are, and when the ice is as thick as their heads they will come to understand that it is not they who rule the world. The Earth has been warming for the last eleven thousand years, beginning with the end of the last ice age, and will continue to warm, in fits and starts, until the beginning of the next ice age, despite what is said and decided at Davos. And for all we know the next ice age has already begun.

They toast themselves with bravos
Do the faux elite of Davos
Successors to the old ancien regime
The bejeweled, the glitterati
The well-bred, the literati
But the world may not be quite what it may seem
They dote on Global Warming
Despite the winter storming
And meet in Switzerland to play their game
By private jet they travel
To watch their game unravel
As ice and snow puts all their fears to shame
For ice is fair upon us
And while they try to con us
The ice caps grow and glaciers start their slide
There’s ice upon the river
In summer while we shiver
But Davos calls and once again they ride

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