We are ruled by the bureaucracies. Elections matter little; the man or woman at the top is changed periodically, depending on which party wins, but the bureaucracy never changes. For eighty years the Left has been stocking the bureaucracies with its people, because that’s what they do, they know that eternal power lies in the bureaucracies. The bureaucracies are all hard Left now, vote straight Democrat more or less, and are answerable to no one, least of all Congress and the Constitution. Let an honest citizen come afoul of the EPA or the IRS and the silly idea that an American is innocent until proven guilty of something is laughed away. If Washington DC were nuked tomorrow two species would survive; the cockroaches and the bureaucrats.

Protected by their union rules
They flaunt the law unheeded
With buildings bulging with the mass
Of bureaucrats unneeded
Bureaucracies like IRS
And EPA are studded
With people who, like dinosaurs
Are properly cold blooded


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