The Other

Hatred is learned, and once learned is not easily discarded. Race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton glorify hatred, and have been instilling hatred in black children for decades, to the point where there seems little chance of bridging the ever widening chasm between people who wish them no harm and have gone out of their way to move them into the middle class, and those who have followed the call of the race hustlers who have succeeded in poisoning the well. Black America and white America are two separate countries, and growing further and further apart. In fifty years every major American city will be Detroit, with the Other defined forever. But which will be the Other?

I hate him so, that horrid Other
I hate his father and his mother
I hate his sister and his brother
And they hate me in turn
I dream of him awake or sleeping
Down darkened hallways he is creeping
And then upon me he is leaping
His eyes with hatred burn
I pray sometimes that his entire
People are consumed by fire
With millions marching to the pyre
Their tears shed I will spurn
What is it then about this Other?
Has he not father and a mother?
Why then this hatred for his brother?
I guess we’ll never learn
Just why we hate and why we love it
And why we snarl and tell him shove it
And why we feel we’re all above it
We see but not discern

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