Do You Believe Me Now?

President Obama has ordered the armed forces of the United States to launch a decisive but limited strike on Syria, whose president, Bashar al Assad, has apparently committed the unforgivable crime of ignoring an Obama threat. Country singer Vern Gosdin had a hit record called Do You Believe Me Now. President Obama, after huffing and puffing, has finally ordered out the dogs of war, shaking his head in sorrow while singing the following to Assad.

You had your chance to have your say
Before I threw the gauntlet down
It’s too late they’re on the way
To your shabby little town
It’s a town for creeps and fools
Guys who think they are a king
Guys who gas those whom he rules
Guys who never learn a thing
Do you believe me now?
Hear those missiles hitting home
Hear those bombers overhead
Taking out each aerodrome
Adding to the daily dead
Tried to talk some sense to you
Tried my darndest to be kind
Told you what I’m gonna do
But you smiled and paid no mind
Do you believe me now?
It’s punishment that you deserve
I draw a line and never swerve
Do you believe me now?

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