Doubling Down

The stunning defeat in Wisconsin is just in, and the Democrats are behaving in a way we can all understand. They are in complete denial that any such thing as defeat has just happened, and if it did, then the reason was not that the voters rejected them but that the voters didn’t understand the problem. Lefty pundits throughout the night repeatedly said, “The race is too close to call,” and finally, when defeat was evident, “This is a good thing for the Democratic party. It’s a wake-up call. We have to do a better job of educating the unwashed Neanderthals who just voted for those evil Republicans who want to throw Grandma off a cliff and take money from the poor and give it to the rich.” And so on. Defeat is just bad luck, and so just double down and all will come out right in the end.


“Just keep firing those lefty bullets,”

So says Debbie Wassermann Schuletz

“We got votes that we’re just hidin,”

So says little Joey Biden

“We’re ahead, can’t say it bolder,”

Says ’I hate whiteys’ Eric Holder

“We won, and I don’t feed no blarney.”

From press spinmeister fey Jay Carney

“We done darn good, and also weller,”

Ascribed to first lady Micheller

“We’ll send you ‘Pubs back to yo mama

Says toothy smiling Chief Obama

And hand in hand the Dems go merry

A’whistling past the cemetery


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