A Little Colonialism Wouldn’t Hurt

It is reported that Iraqi oil exports are soaring and that Asian and European oil companies have signed very lucrative contracts to explore and develop recently discovered Iraqi oil fields. The United States is noticeably absent from all this, even though without the deaths of thousands of American soldiers Saddam Hussein would still be pocketing the oil money. The Lefty anti-war Dems screamed “Blood for Oil!”, accusing George Bush of killing American soldiers to enrich his friends in the oil business. Maybe we should have insisted that freeing the Iraqis from Saddam entitled us to a little bit of reward. Or maybe we should have just taken it. What ever happened to good old fashioned colonialism?


When Roman legions came to Spain

The silver mines were theirs

Where legions went Rome kept the gain

There were no lefty stares

Accusing them of being rude

And profiting from blood

Spilled in the cause of something crude

And running red stained mud

Assyrians were buyers of

Fine goods from overseas

And so they courted Tyre’s love

Allowing, if you please

The citizens of the Levant

To live as pampered slaves

So long as never the word ‘can’t’

Was uttered on the waves

When England absent mindedly

Set up the British Raj

They ruled so very kindedly

Guns almost a mirage

Yet ships set sail most every day

For England’s cool green shore

With riches taken from Bombay

As well as Bangalore

And so I ask why recently

We don’t keep what we seize

So long as we act decently

And always saying ‘Please’


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