Down She Goes

The Euro is about to crash and burn, the EU is about to succumb to nationalism and power over-reach, and the Germans are just plain tired of German taxpayer money going to prop up countries where the people riot in the streets if they are asked to work two more years before they get their pensions. The whole European experiment in gargantuan socialism and rule by unelected fat cats sitting in Brussels is about to turn turtle, and is going down like an old battleship hit by four torpedoes. And when it does come apart and slides down to Davey Jones’s locker, the only ones standing will be the Germans, with the German Central Bank calling the shots for a shot down Europe. 



They’re in the throes

And down she goes

Just please don’t tell your kids

The Portugese

Go down with ease

They’re Greece-ing up the skids

They will not thank

The Deutschebank

For keeping them afloat

They’ll cry and bitch

The filthy rich

Just want their euro vote

The Deutsches Herr’n,

Just wait their turn

What they’ve been waiting for

For sixty years

They’ve shed the tears

And finally won the war

At Stalingrad

When things got bad

They said just wait once more

And all they lost

Will now be bossed

Yes they finally won the war



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