Islands In The Son

Marco Rubio is the new Republican Senator from Florida. Marco Rubio’s parents escaped their island home, communist Cuba, because they wanted to be free, and wanted their children to be free. Barack Obama left his island home, Hawaii and muslim Indonesia,  because his parents wanted him to change the United States form of government to communism. Marco Rubio and his parents embrace the very nature of the United States; freedom and opportunity. Barack Obama and his parents embrace the very nature of oppression; communism and rule by force. We shall see whose vision prevails.



One left his island home and all he knew

To come to taste the freedom that he craved

He came to love the old red, white and blue

‘Twas freedom and not gold the streets were paved

The other left his island home as well

And followed other stars to make his way

Red giants who had whispered, This is hell

We count on you to make it red some day

One left his home and gave his heart and soul

To his new home and made it better still

The other left his home with but one goal

To burn the shining city on the hill



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