Dr. Frankenstein, Meet The UN

The United Nations is now ruled by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which passed the Cairo Declaration On Human Rights that stated all human rights and freedoms must be subject to Islamic law, that is, Sharia. The OIC routinely gets UN resolutions passed condemning Israel, the United States, and anyone else they disagree with. The 57 nation Muslim bloc’s most recent attempt to destroy the right of free speech of non-muslims consists of a UN resolution that labels any disagreement with Islam as hate speech. The people who pay the bills for this nonsense, we the American taxpayer, have virtually no say in what the UN does and says. I don’t think that is what was intended.



Dr Frankenstein did dream

Of monsters to create

And in his eye a simple gleam

That one day he’d be great

In ’45 that dream came true

As nations far and wide

Urged by the old red white and blue

Got on board for the ride

United Nations it was called

Though united it was not

And from the first it truly galled

As crooks and swindlers got

A seat at the big table next

To guys who foot the bill

Who pretty soon were sorely vexed

And wished that they could kill

The monster they had wished to be

A symbol of world peace

But turned into a foaming sea

Of trouble without cease

If Dr Frankenstein were here

He’d sure know what to do

He’d shove a great big sharpened spear

Right up the old kazoo



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