Dr Who

In a discussion with my primary care doctor he told me he had persuaded his son not to go to medical school, citing Obamacare as the reason. I have a feeling that conversation went on in a lot of doctors’ homes. In 1992, during the Hillarycare uproar, Charley Rose had Senators Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Bob Dole at the table, during which Moynihan said passage of Hillarycare would destroy the health care system of the United States, the medical schools and two hundred years of institutional experience and knowledge, and vowed he and Bob Dole would never let it happen. And they didn’t. Alas, there are no more Moynihans in the Democratic Party. But the Red flag Marxist socialists have finally succeeded in imposing their will, and Obamacare will not be undone. The next generation will be treated by graduates of third world medical schools, and our best hospitals will be equal to anything found in central Africa. I tell my grandchildren – do not get sick.

As clean as a Swiss hospital
One of the golden rules
But not when staffed by graduates
Of fourth rate third world schools

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