We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

Western medicine began with the Roman physician Galen and slowly grew into a science, a science no other culture or nation or people in the history of the world has ever had. And now, after two thousand years of climbing out of the mud to the point where Western medicine can actually cure most of what it encounters, Obama and Obamacare are about to destroy it all in the name of the rancid theology of Marxism, that says that for everyone to be equal everyone must be impoverished. And not just economically, but spiritually, culturally and technologically.

If you’re sick and just plain ailin’
Then you cannot blame poor Galen
For he set the tone for centuries to come
If it’s healing you are needing
Then a little helpful bleeding
Raise a blister on your head the rule of thumb
Or let’s take that fellow Lister
Who said don’t you raise that blister
It’s those germs that cause disease that we must fight
But try as he might to free ‘em
Only Leuwenhoek could see ‘em
Until Pasteur showed a boiling set things right
And so now we have Obama
Who acts just like he’s yo momma
By instructing you that you must get in line
Buy insurance from exchanges
Never mind the wide price ranges
And if none of you get sick we’ll all be fine
It’s full circle we have traveled
As the system has unraveled
And we’re back to medicine we’ve seen before
Third world doctors frowning, poking
If you think that they are joking
Just you wait and see what ‘Bama has in store

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