Dreams Of Yesterday

The United State I grew up in is slowly disappearing, and once it’s gone it’s gone, never to return as once it was. Freedom once lost is lost, and will only be recovered with the shedding of blood. Those of us of a certain age look back in sorrow at what has happened and is happening to our country. The left and the Democrats, in their determined quest for a permanent majority, have turned the United States into a third world country, a country whose demographics they have turned upside down, to the point where the ethnic Europeans who built this country will in a measurable time become minority passengers in a rickety train heading for an open bridge. Have we nothing left but our dreams of yesterday?

The old folks say
The country’s gone and won’t be back
The world that we knew is but a distant dream
A world where men
Could live wherever they so pleased
And freedom was not a far off distant gleam
Where government
Was unseen figures in our lives
And working men kept the fullness of their pay
And families
Could sleep in peace with unlocked doors
Now all of it gone in dreams of yesterday

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