Brendan Eich, a pioneer and software genius of Silicon Valley, was removed from his newly acquired post as CEO of Mozilla by the fascist homosexual mafia for the crime of disagreeing with them. Eich gave a thousand dollars six or seven years ago in support of a California ballot proposition that sought to make it law that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. It didn’t matter that the initiative won overwhelmingly, the fascist queers took it to a circuit court judge who, by coincidence, happened to be a flaming homosexual, and who singlehandedly overturned the will of the people of California. This is what happens when an aggrieved group finds itself accepted in polite society. Homosexuals are not grateful they no longer have to hide in the closet for fear of losing their job, they are now so powerful that they can remove from his job anyone who disagrees with them. This is not the first time an aggrieved group has thrown its weight around, and people remember, doing nothing until the problem becomes too large to stuff down the memory hole, and then the put upon majority stomps on them. Groups like the fascist homosexual mafia should realize that playing with fire goes both ways, and while they are on top now, the climate can change in a heartbeat, and they will find themselves wishing for the good old days when all they had to fear was losing a job.

The flame cares not for what it burns
Nor cares for what it takes
Into its arms by twists and turns
And hastens to the stakes
The heretic, the anti- gay
The flame cares not a whit
For he who fans the flame today
Tomorrow will be lit
So dance around the flames, my friends
And laugh at burning flesh
But know the burning always ends
In dark graves newly fresh

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