We all want to stay in the dream. This assumes we can leave the dream at will, which we cannot, because our waking life is the Dream, and sleeping dreams are dreams within the Waking Dream.  When the sleeping dream ends, we wake to the Waking Dream, which we follow until the Waking Dream ends.  It is the Easter season, and perhaps it’s time to ask if a certain event in Jerusalem some two thousand years ago was a sleeping dream or part of the Waking Dream.



For thousands of years dawn man worshipped the sun

And Baal and Zeus to name but two

They’d thousands of deities not just the one

That’s now the preponderant view

Could they have been wrong, Aristotle and those

Who worshipped a mountain borne god

Or men of the forests and wetlands who chose

To worship the trees and the sod

If he was the man, the Messiah to come

The man who determined our fate

Then why was he seen as a false god by some

As they set his crucify date

Why could he have not then climbed down from the cross

And bade all the Roman guards Go

And shown everyone who it was who was boss

Instead of a three day long show

He lay in his tomb for three days it is said

Then rose on a Sunday at dawn

Pretending the while that he was really dead

And waited till all then were gone

Ascending to heaven we’re told with straight face

He sat by his father’s gold throne

And promised us all if we lived in his grace

That paradise we would be shone

The question of course is was he really god

And different from all gods before

And if he were not then it really is odd

That he is the one men adore

And buildeth them temples and churches and schools

To honor the one they call Christ

Who suffered and bled for the wise and for fools

And died while the Roman guards diced

The Dream is reality, real is the Dream

We waken when our Dream is done

To live with our Father or so it would seem

Awakened by his only Son




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