Chinese Restaurant Takeout

In Washington, DC, Marion Barry, one of the filthiest politicians alive, is attempting to close down all the Asian restaurants because, so he says, they are dirty, and replace them with black run and owned restaurants. This is just another black power grab, with Asians the target, and all because Asians work hard and prosper, something American blacks like Marion Barry have not as yet leaned to do. And out of envy, guys like Marion Barry want to put them out of business, because their very existence in black neighborhoods reminds everyone that sometimes you have to work and not depend on the government to provide for your every need. It isn’t about dirty food. People ate dirty food for hundreds of thousands of years.



For hundreds of thousands of years then, me boy

We humans ate what lions left

And never a one with their food did they toy

Because the hyenas were deft

At grabbing the carrion right from the hands

Of people who tarried until

They found themselves fighting off wild dogs in bands

Competing for their daily fill

For thousands of years most had little to eat

They feasted on berries and roots

And then someone planted some grasses called wheat

And began dining while wearing suits

Then along came the tables and candles and such

White napkins and forks by the plates

And whipped cream and butter produced by the Dutch

And places where you’d take your dates

To dine on roast beef and a fine prime filet

With veggies and warm fresh baked bread

Washed down with a sparkling white wine or Rose

At outrageous prices a head

So eating bad food’s the historical norm

A mastodon dead in the grass

Or dining on pate and soup cold or warm

It always depends on your class



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