El Presidente And The Kiddies

President Obama will address the nation’s schoolchildren today. Verse-afire has obtained an advance copy of the president’s address, which I now share with my readers. El Presidente For Life is keenly aware that the children of today will be voting for him tomorrow, as will, in time, their grand-children.



My children, firstly let me say

How pleased I am to be today

Addressing you, the future of our land

And I as president do ask

That you the future share the task

Of giving me the president a hand

In changing first our country’s face

By putting evil in its place

Those devils who would keep our people poor

The rich and even middle class

Who live in places where there’s grass

And will not see our healthcare is the cure

For all of us, both well and ill

And that is why I know you will

Inform on mom and dad and friends alike

Who might attempt by deed and word

To keep my truths from being heard

And if your mom gets jail you’ll get a bike

In closing let me say once more

That I will show you what’s in store

If all my plans to change the world fall flat

Your school will close, your dad will die

Your mom will leave without goodbye

And you’ll be all alone and that is that