Enemies, Schmenemies

Every president has an enemies list. The Constitution requires it.  Article 2 maybe. The problem with Obama is that his enemies list contains the names of all our friends, and his friends list contains the names of all our enemies.



Look here! Obama cried in glee

I’ve written up a list

Of all we think as enemy

Who never will be missed

We’ll spit on them and sit on them

They’ll wish ‘twere never born

A nice sackcloth will fit on them

They’ll see how we can scorn

El President, and aide did say

The names familiar are

Should Israel and dear Francais

Be drizzled with our tar?

And what about this other list

The one you call our friends

El President I must insist

You think to make amends

That’s why you’re you and I am me

Said Obie with a sneer

It’s obvious that you can’t see

What I am doing here

Diplomacy has many ends

And nuance is the game

And I shall take our foes and friends

And treat them all the same

Our enemies will see the light

And cease to be our foes

You soon will see that I am right

You’ll soon see how it goes

With love we conquer all our fears

That’s why I’ve made this list

Our enemies are little dears

All lined up to be kissed