Epic Snow

The blizzard of the century is over, and again, dear friends, we have around the clock newscasts giving us the very latest poop on the very latest epic snow, and especially when that epic snow affects the comfort, lifestyle and work hours of the media purveyors of the fantasy of the epic snow. There is epic snow in the Donner Pass every year, but because none of the media is there to see it those yearly epic snows never happened. I looked out my kitchen window at the height of the storm and the squirrels were strangely unaffected.

As the news anchors were shrieking
Tiny heads of squirrels were peeking
Out into the whitened landscape ‘neath their trees
With the television blaring
The Northeastern states were staring
Into snowy hell where everyone will freeze
Birds were following the leaders
To the full of seed bird feeders
And a cat began meowing to come in
A small dog pushed through the drifted
Snow until the pup was lifted
By a little girl to whom the pup was kin
Yes the storm raged on the telly
As I sat and filled my belly
With hot coffee and some cookies wifey baked
Epic storms just seem to father
Epic media caused pother
By my window though you’d think the thing was faked

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