Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, at the moment, is leading Hillary in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Who’da thunk it? Bernie Sanders proudly proclaims himself a true Socialist, and though no one has ever asked him if he is a Socialist in the likes of Hitler or Stalin, I am sure he is not, though he did, however, honeymoon in the Soviet Union, so there is that. How could anyone who looks like a kindly grandfather be a Castro or Saddam Hussein Socialist? The Socialist political philosophy as espoused by such as the Korea Kims, Pol Pot, Mao (whose picture lately hung from the White House Christmas tree), Castro, Hitler, Stalin and many others, has been responsible for the murders of over one hundred million people unfortunate enough to have been born under Socialist rule. But then, Bernie would never be that kind of Socialist, would he?

A Socialist like Sanders
Has a mind that just meanders
From the Left to farthest Left as time goes on
Nothing daunted, more’s the mystery
By the sordid, murd’rous history
Of all Far Left governments since ‘fore the dawn
The Left is full of killers
Using bodies as pit fillers
Guys like Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein
With meat hooks, piano wire
It was best not to inquire
Into things the tyrant meant not to explain
Not that Bernie would use force to
Make the country change its course to
The Utopia that’s always ‘round the bend
Always gleaming in the distance
Which is why to raise resistance
Leads to tears and to a rather nasty end
Socialists don’t always murder
Just so long as he’s the herder
Of the sheep who clap and cheer his every word
But when things turn rather dicey
He’ll turn off the nicey-nicey
And the distant cries from meat hooks will be heard

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