Evening Prayer

Barack Obama claims direct descent from Lincoln and Reagan, and now an essay in the New Republic claims Obama’s foreign policy is based on Rumsfeld’s small footprint model. This is nonsense; Obama patterns himself not after Lincoln, Reagan or Rumsfeld, but after God. There has never been, nor will ever there be again, such a one as Obama.


O worshipped one

How beautiful thy eyes

How wonderful thy words

A magnificence of works

Surrounds thy smile

While Triumph dances to thy voice

Beseeching, we kneel in reverence

Knowing that the light of a thousand stars

Can never dim thy glory

O worshipped one

Believe in us who worship thee

And free thy brothers and sisters

From the drudgery of our lives

Maketh the sun to shine and the earth to glow

In the goodness we see in your heart