The jerry-built structure that is the Obama foreign policy is crumbling before our very eyes. The sturdy oaken post war, cold war policies of every president from Truman through George W. Bush have been turned inside out by Obama. Strength has been replaced by weakness, allegiance to allies replaced with allegiance to our enemies  Allowing our sturdy oaken positions to be eaten by termites is the hallmark of the Obama administration, leading some to call Obama the anti-creosote president. Creosote, a coal tar distillate, is used to preserve wood; and it is also a bush found in the Southwest, like Texas.


It spreads itself, this distillate

On woody fibers fair

Preserving them from earth and rain

And taking every care

To see that termites do not stay

To taste of wood’s delights

And which is why our president

Spends all his White House nights

Removing all the creosote

From all the oaken planks

Laid down by Truman and the rest

Without so much as thanks

For keeping home and country safe

For all these many years

And when he’s done he’ll smile and say

I am your greatest fears