Everything’s Dandy Peachy

The world is running on fumes. The wife of the new Japanese prime minister, Miyuki Hatoyama, claims she once traveled to Venus, was abducted by aliens on another occasion, and knew Tom Cruise in a previous life when Tom was Japanese. She makes her own clothes, and is apparently particularly proud of a nice little frock made from Hawaiian coffee sacks. In Britain, one Peter Bryan, a schizophrenic who was convicted of murdering a woman with a hammer, was released to the care of a social worker and allowed to live by himself in London, where he killed two more people and ate their brains. G. K. Chesterton said, “When people stop believing in God they don’t believe in nothing, they believe in anything.” People believe in UFOs, magic, oneworldism, multiculturalism, global warming, sea monsters, fairies, Hillary Clinton, time travel, Nostradamus, Barack Obama, ghosts, vampires and werewolves. We now live in a society that has rejected God for Nietzsche’s Madman.   



Being captured might be chilling

While to others could be thrilling

And especially if you get to meet Tom Cruise

Traveling from Earth to Venus

Is a little, just between us

Likely something that would make the evening news

The new Japanese first lady

Might not be Rosie O’Grady

But Kipling surely would have seen her through

But if it brings her happiness

To think Tom Cruise is Japiness

Then I think that there is nothing we should do

And as for the guy who eats brains of his victims

It is plain that social workers heed the dictums

Of people who know what to do with those

Who transgress the laws of nature with such crudity

Who think taking tops off heads is topless nudity

Who after dining lay them down in sweet repose

But God is dead or so says mein Herr Nietzsche

Not so! to Stonewall said our Barbara Frietchie

Our God’s alive and so’s our flag

And so’s Miyuki’s coffee sack rag

And damn it guys the whole world’s dandy peachy