Exit Music

Everyone picks out the music he wants at his funeral, but my exit this world playlist is so full of terrific songs that when they play it I’ll probably get carried away. The problem with putting your exit music together beforehand is that you just might live another thirty years or so, and nobody at the funeral knows any of the songs. I spoke to an acquaintance recently and he said he tried to keep his playlist up to date, but thought most people would remember Lothar And The Hand People even thirty years later.

My iPod’s full of stuff, he said
Musicians from the past
I know that most of them are dead
And know their stuff will last
My doctors say I’m good to go
Another thirty years
But all my ducks are in a row
To satisfy my fears
That something might go very wrong
And all will silent be
I will not go without a song
That’s why It is, you see
That my best suit is cleaned and pressed
Instructions typed and filed
I know just how I will be dressed
My playlist all compiled
My friends and family sit bored
As music’s softly played
But just the same I ask the Lord
His justice be delayed

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