J. Edgar Hoover

For almost a hundred years the FBI has enjoyed an unalloyed reputation for honesty, integrity and a clean separation from politics. The Obama administration and the Obama Justice Department has destroyed that reputation in a few short years, beginning with Attorney General Eric Holder refusing to prosecute Black Panther thugs who threatened white voters with baseball bats and forced them to leave the polling place without voting, to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director Jim Comey who refused to indict Hillary Clinton for massive national security violations, lying to federal agents, obstruction of justice and other offenses despite overwhelming evidence of her guilt, evidence the FBI Director himself laid out in detail before stunningly announcing he would not recommend an indictment. Had J. Edgar Hoover been in charge Hillary Clinton would have been wearing an orange jump suit that very day. But the Justice Department is so corrupt that they don’t even care about the optics of the event, they care only that they do what is best for the Democratic Party and for the leaders of the Democratic Party. The FBI will be a long time regaining the trust of the American people.

We scratch our heads, J. Edgar who?
Oh yes, J. Edgar Hoover
When G-Men shot the bad guys down
They stayed dead, not one mover
The FBI was without peer
The politicians quavered
Before the law and came to fear
The man who never wavered
From his devotion to the law
Despite the rank of others
Who thought all inside straights they’d draw
Because they all were brothers
The FBI is tarnished now
Obama has corrupted
All that he’s touched now dark and foul
The Bureau interrupted
Their work now nothing but a part
Of politics and movers
Obama has torn out its heart
No more J. Edgar Hoovers

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