The demolition of American history, so far advanced in academia, has spilled into the streets, with the tearing down of statues of Confederate generals, the leftists charging that slave owners must not be honored, or even remembered. Authorities stand by and allow mobs to deface government property, elected Democrat mayors and governors encourage the destruction of American history, and it will end, as is planned, with the destruction of the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument because both men owned slaves, and then on to the tearing up of the Declaration of Independence because a substantial majority of its signers owned Negro slaves. And after that the United States Constitution will be declared illegitimate for the same reason. The statues are only the beginning.

I cry for my beloved land
My grandchildren will never know
The beauty of the land that looked
So wonderful when deep in snow
Or Spring when rows of green appear
In fields as traffic flashes by
And Summer by the sea or lake
When thunderheads reach to the sky
They will not see what we have seen
They will not know what we have known
A land where we could speak our mind
Be unafraid that leftist creeds
Would triumph over sense and law
And history thrown in the weeds
The shame is ours for standing by
As leftist thugs tore up the streets
And ambushed cops and shot them down
Then celebrate with rage filled tweets
We watched in silence as the Left
The spawn of Stalin took the stage
And swept the verities aside
Destroying all with insane rage
The toppled statues are the first
Of monuments to go in flames
The Constitution and the flag
Consumed in leftist hunger games
It’s gone, I fear, not to return
For generations, many years
For communism slowly dies
And until then we have but tears

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