The Inflationary Universe

Are we living in an inflationary universe? Is the universe we see infinite or finite? We don’t know, and possibly will never know, because the answers are unknowable. That the universe is infinite seems reasonable to believe, but an inflationary universe is far more mysterious and exciting than the infinite sameness and seamlessness of a static universe. An inflationary universe is one in which our segment of the universe ceased to inflate shortly after the Big Bang, but the inflation continued all around us, creating universes of undreampt wonders to this day, and will continue to do so for eternity.

Borne before the winds of time
Radiation coalesced
Into matter as it cooled
And then came to rest
Stars and galaxies were formed
Flooding light upon the dark
And in time lifeforms arose
Fired by a spark
Static is not nature’s way
And inflation flowed apace
All around, creating new
Universes filling space
Every one of different hue
Complex chemicals arrayed
In arrangements never seen
Star sung music played
Life believing it is they
Who create that which is known
They who master distant worlds
They the seedling stars have sown
What a wonder to behold
And to think how very odd
Some would say in earnest tones
That there is no God

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