Father’s Day

I remember my father almost every day, but since today is Father’s Day I thought I would write down some of the things I remember most.

The time I was a little kid
Seven, I would note
The kitchen and a block of wood
He built a toy sail boat
A kite he made me at that time
The frame some scraps of wood
Newspaper and an old worn tie
But could it fly? It could
Then later, I was older now
The piano, dinner done
He’d show me ukulele chords
With music, father, son
I close my eyes and hear him now
Each evening he would play
That old upright piano
In his own distinctive way
I see that old piano bench
He knew most every song
That ever had been written
Oh it seems a time so long
He left us on a winter day
Almost thirty years ago
We gathered by the mounded earth
The winter clouds so low
But I still see that kite and boat
Piano keys still play
I see him as he’ll always be
And miss him every day

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