As the Muslim gunman walked among the crowd in the Orlando nightclub, killing as he went, a terrified young woman lying on the floor texted her mother. Mommy. Call them. He’s coming. I’m gonna die. Now.

Will Orlando change anything? Probably not. Western elites have no problem with Islamic terror attacks on innocent civilians, for they do not believe there is anything Islamic about them. They believe, as does Obama, that the murders in Paris and Brussels and San Bernardino and Orlando were the crazed and random acts of the mentally disturbed, and their calm guidance will ensure a safe and calm future. Nothing will change them, except perhaps when they themselves are faced with a Muslim with an AR-15 who is intent on killing them. Only then will they understand that Now is different from the Future. When Judy Garland sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow she was singing of the future. The tornado was the Now, and the Now is coming.

The funnel winds that blow in circles fierce
Have torn apart the narrative and pierce
The certainty of all the West elites
That says that there can never be defeats
That liberals are right even when wrong
That time is never short but always long
That wealth and riches always will endure
And safety to the grave we will ensure
Yet slowly bit by bit the winds did shift
The icy wind of death and danger drift
Into the consciousness of those who danced
To rainbows as the pus filled boil was lanced
By savages who smiled as they said ciao
To all who thought the future was not now

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