Fevered Dreams

Lefty pundits and writers struggle furiously to convince the non-left majority that Barack Obama is still consequential, still in command, still the best president the country has ever had. They tell us he reads Thomas Friedman every day, and I have no doubt dozens of others do as well, but reading a lefty like Friedman is not the same as understanding the world and the United States and acting responsibly and in the best interests of the country. But I do agree that is essential that a president of the United States be consequential.



It surely is essential

That Barack be consequential

And serene and up to date at every turn

For the world to be his oyster

He must leave his White House cloister

And be seen to grow maturely and to learn

Yes I know he reads the masters

And has bigots for his pastors

And his ancestry is redder than his schemes

But it really doesn’t matter

For there’s nothing that is sadder

Than a man who can’t tell life from fevered dreams


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