Drill Baby Drill

President Obama and the Democrats are determined to keep us beholden to the Muslim Middle East. For years the Dems have prevented the drilling for oil in our own country, have prevented the building of nuclear power plants, have prevented the building of new refineries, all at the behest of the radical left environmental whackos, who want to return us to the twelfth century, convinced that we would all be better citizens if we depended on windmills for our power. Yet President Obama has no problem paying Brazil to drill in the Atlantic Ocean, paying Colombia to build refineries, and will be building nuclear power plants in the Middle East. What goes on here?



In our backyard we want no nukes

We’ll give it though to Mamelukes

The oil we have we will not drill

But pay for drilling in Brazil

Refineries we’ll build no more

Unless it’s in a foreign shore

Our shale deposits hold more gas

Than all the world yet still we pass

Why do we do these things at all

Why do we keep ourselves in thrall

To sheikhs and self styled Arab kings

Why do we bow and kiss their rings

For surely those in power know

That we could let the Mideast go

And use our coal and oil and gas

To kick those bastards in the ass

We’re told the reason we don’t drill

‘Twould harm the lizards, ocean krill

The caribou would be upset

And that is why we have to get

Our oil from folks who want us dead

We’ve put the gun to our own head

There’s something up somebody’s sleeve

That is the answer I believe


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