Fire And Glass

The country is in the midst of a political revolution. Donald Trump will win the Republican presidential nomination despite the panicky attempts by the Republican Establishment to stop him from taking away their perks and power. Donald Trump will ride the wave of political revolt into the White House, and the current Republican Establishment will witness the collapse of their power. The Republican power structure will burn, to be replaced by a better built, better staffed structure. The Republican Establishment cowers in terror at the prospect of a President Trump, knowing that their leftward-leaning ivory tower will soon feel the heat of the fierce raging fire of voter anger, and the only sound they hear will be the roar of the flames and the crashing of imploding glass.

They built the tower over years
Accumulating wealth
By greasing all the leftist gears
With smiles of grifter stealth
And now they cry into the wind
And watch the tower fall
Denying that it’s they who’ve sinned
And now the people call
For fire and glass
Republicans have voted for
The candidates who’ll fight
And then find out they’re noted for
Their impotence and fright
The Donald says he has the heft
Surrender days are past
The days of bowing to the Left
Are dead and gone at last
In fire and glass

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