The Baddest Dudes

Brussels is the heart of the European Beast. The attack by ISIS Tuesday morning in Brussels is an attempt to terrify the government and populace into submission to Allah. It has worked so far, for the leftist European establishment lies prostrate at the prospect of Islamic violence and killing, unable to respond effectively to each increasingly brutal incident. Triumphant, the Islamic warriors move boldly ahead, believing they are the baddest dudes on the planet, blissfully unaware that the pliable people they are killing have a breaking point, after which Islam will find that they are not the baddest dudes after all, that white Europeans have mastered the art of killing on an industrial scale, and will, under great provocation, embark on it again. And soon. Muslim neighborhoods will burn, and gangs of very determined young white Europeans will drag young Muslim men out of their homes and beat them senseless, ignoring, in their rage, the strident screams of the European and American Left decrying the violence of the vigilantes. Lepanto and the Gates of Vienna were long ago. But not forgotten.

They think they are the baddest dudes
They’ll think that ‘til the truth intrudes
And Brussels neighborhoods are burnt
And screaming Muslims, lesson learnt
Beg only to be left alive
And ISIS ceases to survive
The Muslim women leading cheers
For Christian slaughter now shed tears
As sons and husbands lie in heaps
As Europe roused no longer sleeps
They thought they were the baddest dudes
But then white guys with attitudes
Tuned them up and left them dead
The second baddest now instead

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