We are, thankfully, nearing the end of the most disastrous presidential reign in the history of the United States. There have been incompetents, Carter comes to mind, there have been the corrupt, Harding, there have been the traitorous, Buchanan, but not until Obama have we had a president who was all three. And yet it was but a short six years ago that he burst on the scene, lighting the night sky with a cool blue light. What we didn’t know then was that he was like a firefly, briefly winking in the dark, the light not cool but cold.

The firefly with light so cold
Enchants the summer park
Flares briefly then, so I am told
His cold blue light is dark
And so it is with our Hussein
So briefly bright he flared
His cold blue light led to his reign
In which he never cared
To lead by smallest word or deed
The perks and Air Force One
Were all that he would ever need
Until his term was done
The smartest man in every room
Is what his minions cried
The world the bride and he the groom
The nation’s joy and pride
Unlike the firefly’s brief light
That so enchants the park
Hussein’s brief reign has brought the blight
That turned the light to dark

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