Making Believe

In an unscheduled interview, President Obama unburdened himself of his doubts and fears, admitting tearfully that all was a sham, that his handlers convinced the populace of a mighty country that he was someone he was not, that it was all make believe. With tears coursing down his powdered cheeks, he sobbed:

Just making believe I am who you see here
Just making believe that all this is true
Just making believe that I’m meant to be here
Just making believe is all can do
For all of my life I’ve been a pretender
I’ve closed shut my eyes to all that is real
While borrowing all, despising my gender
Covering up just how badly I feel
Changing my faith to be sure I’m elected
Making believe to be what I am not
Always a smile, with my real life protected
All for the gold in that sweet rainbow’s pot
The sweet call to prayer, so haunting the beauty
The name I was born with, the father I lost
Yes chosen I was, and I well did my duty
I did as was told whatever the cost
Just making believe I sit here and wonder
Would my life been better were I never born
Never been born to this lightning and thunder
Just making believe, my God how I’m torn

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