Flat Earthers

President Obama recently called those of us who think he’s a radical left wing nutcase who is driving the United States over a cliff “Flat Earthers”, who do not believe in progress, progress as defined by a man who has never earned a dime at an honest job in his life. Progress to Obama is the ever more massive growth of the Federal power in the hands of the Left. Curiously enough, I recently spoke to an Obama supporter who turned out to be the real thing, a bona fide Flat Earther.



I knew a guy who said the earth

Was flatter than a spatula

That if you fell right off the edge

There’s no one there to catula

He said it’s known that there’s a bunch

Of evidence, a batula

That ships fall off the edge and they’re

Just doing what comes natula

He said he voted for Barack

Because he’s one cool catula

And said he’ll vote for him again

Because of plans he’ll hatula

To save the country and give all

A great big hug and patula

He’s done great things, he’s been the best

Damn prez and that is thatula



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