The Leftmost Way

Doctors today have to practice to a set of guidelines set down by bureaucrats in Washington, and it will only get worse if Obamacare is ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court. And it will get worse when the doctors are no longer paid by the patient, but by the government. When the doctor is an employee of the government, the doctor will make decisions that favor the government and not the patient, because his livelihood will depend upon his doing so. My grandson is hell-bent on being a doctor, and I have every confidence he will succeed.  It is chilling to think what he will be taught.



The Left besmirches everything

Once touched by Leftist hands

And if you doubt the truth of this

Just look at Left-run lands

Where Lefties run the hospitals

With doctors in their pay

The doctor’s Hippocratic Oath

Does not come into play

It’s either patient or the State

You cannot work for both

The Left will see you subscribe to

The Hypocritic Oath



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