Flower Trucks

Reports that Pakistan, concerned that the US is planning on taking over the Paki nuclear storage sites, is loading its nukes on civilian trucks and vans and driving them through city streets and around the countryside, have been dismissed by the Paki government as absurd and a pack of lies. But are the reports absurd? We think not. But what kind of trucks? The Paks and Indians frequently paint their trucks in flowered patterns, so there is no doubt the Paks are hiding their nukes in flowery trucks, for did not Mao say to let a thousand flower trucks boom?



The US once had nukes on wheels

The Racetrack it was called

We gave it up when lefty squeals

Cried nukes should not be hauled

But did we really shut that down

Perhaps they’re rolling still

Through every little Podunk town

Through dale and over hill

So if the Pakis load a truck

And say it’s full of blooms

And drive around, then with some luck

We’ll soon hear of the booms



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