The country is now run by bureaucrats and radical left wing ideological zealots. We need a housecleaning, perhaps by people who don’t care how they get it done, just get it done. Barbarians maybe. One thing about barbarians, they get stuff done. You might not like the way they do it, but the stuff gets done. Germanicus and Belisarius could keep them at bay for a time, but in the end the barbarian wins, only to become who they defeated, and to be defeated in their turn by other barbarians. And so it goes.



They get the trains to run on time

And regulations are in rhyme

Department codes are in plain text

And who can tell what might come next

Perhaps the tax code on one page

And on the Court perhaps one sage

With T shirts now the thing to wear

Executives with unwashed hair

The bureau chiefs all put to grass

And no one needs to cover ass

Results the only thing that counts

Especially as the danger mounts

That’s why we need some bright young guys

To look at things through newer eyes

Barbarians are good at stuff

Their ponies and their men are tough

Just ask the Byzantines and Rome

We need some guys like that at home


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