Free Speech

Donald Trump rallies are being disrupted by violent crowds organized and paid for by the communist billionaire George Soros, and carried out by Black Lives Matter and other radical leftist organizations, whose motto is, Free Speech For Me, But Not For Thee. Black Lives Matter did not coin this motto, it has been in existence with the left for many years, as Republican or conservative speakers at college campuses throughout the United States can attest. Counter-demonstrations invite violence, and of course we cannot have violence in order to stop the violence being committed by the other side, so we are helpless in the face of leftist violence, because we know the MSM will blame the counter-protesters for inciting violence against peaceful protesters who have simply gathered in prayerful assembly to sing a few psalms. We can, and have, tuned out this kind of free speech denying, but Attorney General Lynch’s recent testimony before a Congressional committee in which she said so very matter-of-factly that the administration and the Justice Department are preparing to put people in jail for being skeptical of the truth of Global Warming. The Attorney General has testified before Congress that the First Amendment is being flushed down the toilet, and the guardians of free speech, the main stream media, seem to be in complete agreement, judging by their yawns

The First Amendment is a cinch
To be flushed down the toilet
So says Attorney General Lynch
Who says let’s not be coy, let
The people who say it’s not warm
Those folks that we call liars
Folks who never will reform
Those climate change deniers
Will go to jail and maybe worse
For justice will be served and
For real good measure we will curse
Deniers as deserved and
The cries of First Amendment rights
Deflect us not a little
From seeing that when one indicts
That every jot and tittle
Of lying prose and spoken word
Is used full force against him
And just in case it’s not occurred
It’s not just a pretense whim
We mean to scuttle every line
Amendments by the number
And all will work out just real fine
As long as people slumber

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