The Sound Of Silent Stones

For too long the yeomanry of this country have stood as silent as stones as the country they and their parents had built was taken from them by the politicians of both major political parties and given to someone else. This campaign has awakened the silent stones to a white hot anger against the political establishment, and they are not going to settle for the past anymore. The aroused yeomanry have come as a complete surprise to the political establishment, a surprise that will manifest itself as a thorough and necessary sweeping out of the rot infested stables on Capitol Hill.

The whisper of the yeoman’s voice
As silent  as the sea smoothed bones
Of sailors resting in the deep
Amid the seabed stones
Aroused, the yeomen seek their prey
Their anger silent as the tones
Of whispered cellos in the night
As silent as the stones
The yeomen know they’ve been betrayed
To anger that inside them hones
The fierce red will to see the day
That turns the prey to stones
The anger, silent up ‘til now
Sings out the song of whispered tones
That tells that politicians fear
The sound of silent stones

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